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Blogging is instant publishing, and it’s a real boon for writers, once they get their head around what a blog is, and why it’s an invaluable writing tool.

Without exception, within a month of starting a blog, every writer I’ve hounded to create a blog has reported: “I wish I’d started my blog years ago!”

Blogs are immensely powerful. If you’re not sure how to get started, use the steps I’ve outlined for you in this article:

1. Create a small blog

The biggest hurdle writers face in blogging is actually starting. You can spend months – even years, in thinking about blogging. This will not help you. Neither will researching blogging and blogging platforms.

Accept the fact that you’re procrastinating because you’re nervous, and put that nervous energy into blogging.

Just create a blog – on any platform. A month from now, or a week from now, if you decide you made a mistake, leave the blog and create another one. Proficient blogger-writers have dozens of blogs, for many uses.

I have around ten writing-related blogs, and many other blogs I’ve created for topics in which I have an interest.

2. Blog every day

You learn blogging by doing it – even if you’re not sure whether you’re doing it “right.” There are no rules in blogging; a blog is your instant publishing tool, use it as you please.

3. Read other bloggers

To get ideas for blogging, read other bloggers. Get a feed/ RSS reader, and create a collection of bloggers who blog in areas in which you’re interested.

If another blogger creates a worthy post, blog about that post, and add your own opinions. Blogging has been called a “conversation”, and while I think that that’s true some of the time, not all blogs are conversations – if you want to turn off comments on a blog, do it. It’s always YOUR blog.

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