CRKT Tiny Tighe Breaker Folding Knife Review

CRKT’s Tiny Tighe Breaker might only be 6.9 inches overall, but it packs all the punch of a larger custom-style knife. I recently got a great deal on the Tiny Tighe Breaker and here are my thoughts:

What I like about the knife:

1. Not only is the metallic-tone scaled handle very attractive looking, it is incredibly durable. When you see the Tiny Tighe Breaker for the first time your eyes will probably go directly to the handle, which gives the knife a custom-like appearance.

2. Protecting your fingers is the CRKT AUTOLAWKS system. My knife lock has no up and down or side to side movement when in the locked position. You’ll be glad to have this protection on a daily basis.

3. My blade came hair shaving sharp out of the box. Crafted from AUS 8-A stainless steel, the hollow ground blade has no problem keeping its edge after repeated utility work.

4. At 2.9 inches, the modified tanto style blade perfect for everyday carry. This size blade is legal to carry almost anywhere and is slim enough to comfortably carry in your pocket.

5. Use the dual sided thumb studs to flip the blade open 30 degrees and watch it come flying out of the handle. CRKT’s assisted opening technology allows for easy one handed opening.

What I didn’t like:

While I thoroughly enjoy the Tiny Tighe Breaker, I wish that CRKT would use jimping or thumb grooves on the blade spine. This would help with making clean, precise cuts.


CRKT’s Tiny Tighe Breaker combines good looks with impressive functionality at a very reasonable price. I recommend this knife as an everyday use/light utility work tool.


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