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Getting the bill from your school can be one of the scariest things ever, especially in this economy! Trust me I know. Finding ways to pay for college is not easy, and neither is scholarship searching, let alone winning them. These are some of my tips for wining scholarships for college.

1. Apply. Apply. Apply!

Really this is so important! Scholarships are basically playing the lottery. It’s not necessarily gambling but every scholarship is a number game. Some scholarship like those at ScholarshipPoints(.com) are truly a numbers game, get as many points as you can and keep applying them to theĀ  pay for essay reddi scholarships. Other scholarships do have requirements and things that need to be met to really have a chance. But even then, you can’t just apply to one or two and expect to have a free ride to college. Not going to happen sorry. Your goal should really be to apply to at least 2-3 dozen scholarships in order to win enough money to really help you out. Ben Kaplan applied for over 3 dozen and ended up with a full ride! So keep applying to as many as you can, no matter the amount of money they are worth, it all adds up in the end.

2. Learn to re-use information and essays.

This is an excellent way to save time and be able to apply for even more scholarships. The best thing is to have a “personal statement” ready in a long (at least 2 pages or 500-600 words, 1000 would be better) and a short version that’s about a paragraph or two. This personal statement should be about who you are, why you’re studying what you’re studying, things that you’re passionate about and things that set you apart from others. A lot of scholarships call for things like “Why are you majoring in (blank)?” “What is your number one passion?” And things of that nature, so if you have a few of these essays just hanging out on your hard drive you’ll be that much more prepared when you come across a scholarship!

3. Have 2 resumes on hand, one for jobs and one for academics.

If you’re the typical college student you need a summer job at least, if not a job during the school year too. So having a resume that is updated regularly for job applications is a great idea. But also having one with added academic things is best for scholarships, college applications and graduate school applications. You may not have much of a difference at first, but you will overtime as you gain more experience and do more in college. For my academic resume it has most of what my job one does except also a list of some of the more interesting classes I’ve taken or professors I’ve volunteered for, write papers for, etc. My job resume has more about my recent jobs and their duties and any certifications or volunteer experience I have that is relevant to the job.

4. Think hard about what you’ve done and accomplished.

A lot of people over look things that they could have used as a great resume booster. Keep a list of all the clubs and sports you did in high school and in college. Think hard about all the times you’ve volunteered for, don’t overlook that weekend you spent wrapping gifts for National Honor Society or the dog walking you did for your neighbor when she had surgery. You may never use those but keep a very detailed list of every activity, award, certification, and the like you’ve ever had and the dates you received them because you may come across a scholarship that is geared for that specific thing. Having this list may just give you the edge you need to net that scholarship!

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