The Meaning of Dreams About Cars and Other Vehicles

What do cars in dreams symbolize? There are many variations of car dreams that dreamers may have. This article will discuss what a car typically symbolizes in dreams and some different types of dreams that dreamers have that include cars. First, dreaming about cars or any other type of vehicle could symbolize a form of ministry, and the size of the vehicle could indicate the size of the ministry. In addition to this possibility, often, dreaming about vehicles symbolizes the way an individual is moving through life. The word automobile comes from the Greek word autos, meaning “self” and the Latin word for mobilis, meaning “movable”. Some of the different types of car dreams may include the following:

Dreaming about bad brakes – This could indicate that the dreamer feels like he/she is losing control over his/her life or a situation in his/her life at the time of the dream. This could also be a warning dream that the individual has lost control of a particular area in his/her life and it could lead to destruction if they don’t retrieve this area of their life.

Dreaming about the steering wheel coming off – This could be indicative of a person feeling like they don’t have direction in their life or losing control of the direction of their life.

Dreaming about someone else driving your vehicle while you’re sitting in the passenger or back seat – could symbolize that you feel like someone or something else is controlling or guiding your life. If you have this type of dream, it’s important to pay attention to who is in the driver’s seat and what are the qualities or characteristics of that person, because it could be certain characteristics of yourself that are guiding your life or it could be God.

Dreaming about your car being in a dangerous area or about bad road conditions – This dream could symbolize that you’re in a real life situation that feels threatening or it could be a warning that you’re in a life situation that is dangerous. The poor road conditions could indicate that there are obstacles on your path or waking life journey.

Dreaming about being confused about the direction you’re traveling – This dream could symbolize your uncertainty or confusion about the direction you want to go in life and dreaming about coming to a fork in the road could indicate that you’re at a point in your life when you’re making some important decisions about which direction to go.

Dreaming about being in a car accident – This could be indicative of a dreamer feeling like he/she is in a crisis situation or his/her life is leading to destruction in real life.

Dreaming about a car that you don’t like or a car that is in bad condition – could be symbolic of your feelings towards yourself or the condition of your health.


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