Areas We Need To Pay More Attention To The US Infrastructure

For, far – too long, this nation’s leaders have seemed to ignore certain essential necessities, especially, in terms of the aging, deteriorating, infrastructure, particularly, in our older, larger cities, apparently, for the sake of prioritizing, populist things! Who hasn’t witnessed, issues, related to our bridges, tunnels, roads, and mass transit, and been concerned, with its durability, and/ or, ability to handle the potential stresses, and strains, into the future? It seems the politicians, often, speak – about infrastructure, but, rarely, do anything, about it! During this recent pandemic, when so many were out of work, and the economy seemed to need a jump – start, New York’s Governor, went to Washington D.C., to speak to the President, and, even, under those circumstances, the politicians refused to pursue, either the needs, or opportunities! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 8 areas, where, we need, to pay, far – more attention to the United States’ infrastructure, sooner, rather than later.

1. Bridges/ tunnels/ roads/ transit hubs: A few years ago, there was a survey, of the bridges and tunnels, in this country, and concluded, there was a need, to address, these, before there was some sort of catastrophe! Many of these bridges, tunnels, roads, roadways, and transit hubs, are sorely, in – need, of, rehabilitation, at the least, or complete re – haul, as a more viable alternative/ solution. For example, New York recently re – visioned, one of our airports (La Guardia Airport), and totally, re – designed it, to handle the needs of the future! In addition, New York’s Penn Station, just opened a new area, in order to make the experience, of riding the train, into the city, more appealing! The bus terminal just announced, it would be relocating to a far – more, user – friendly, facility!

2. Mass transportation: Most parts of this nation, have done, very little, to create and develop, a more – viable, efficient, effective, mass transit system, to handle tomorrow’s needs, etc! From the standpoint, of, environmental protection, energy efficiency, and Climate Change – related, issues, America’s leaders must have the vision, and focus, to address, modernization, and repairing/ maintenance, of all areas, related to mass transportation!

3. Public buildings: Many of our public buildings, seem to be aging, and in – need, of, either, rehabilitation, and/ or, replacement!

4. Clean air and water: We must not, and cannot, afford to, continue, proceeding, without making environmental protections, especially, in terms of clean air, and water, a top – priority!

5. Coastal/ Shore maintenance: Scientists warn, the level of our oceans, is rising, and, if, we fail, to address the potential ramifications, as soon as possible, many low – lying areas, may be lost, forever. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense, and be, more responsible, for us, to address these possibilities, while, perhaps, something, can be done?

6. Climate – related: We can no longer accept, procrastination, and/ or, denying, the realities, and potential ramifications, of Climate Change. The world/ planet, must take responsible/ responsive steps, to reduce, man’s impact, by changing our approach, in a focused manner!

7. Internet/ Internet of Things/ Cyber – security: It seems, cyber – security, may be an essential component, of overall security! With, our ever – evolving, society, which is more dependent, on internet – related, digital things/ activities, than ever, we must make this a priority! If we don’t, we risk this nation’s safety, in everything, from free/ fair elections, to car safety, to the ability to receive, quality news coverage!

8. Elections security: The past two elections, have demonstrated, the potential, for individuals, or other nations, etc, to interfere in our election process! Steps must be taken, to ensure, we maintain this core process, for democracy!

Either, the United States, will start taking, many areas of infrastructure, far – more seriously, and make it a priority, or, the potential ramifications, will probably, be, far – less – than, desirable! Will you demand more, and better, from public officials?


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