Do I Have “Stardust” In My Eyes?

I had one of those fortunate experiences where you get completely wrapped up and involved in a movie. I decided to pop in “Stardust,” and that was all it took. I don’t know if it was just the mood I was in, or what, but I was taken away by this fairy tale. The story of how a fallen star affects the people in the strange land of Stormhold (and a boy from London) is absolutely intriguing.

The merging of cinematography and CGI is absolutely brilliant. There is this one shot that goes from the site of the fallen star to the top of the king’s tower. On top of using the shot to show the great difference between the two places; it is a beautiful piece of work that perfectly blends the CGI work with the camera motivated scenes. On top of that is the great use of color throughout the whole piece. I have always believed that a good movie should have colors reflecting the mood of the scene. This movie did that beautifully. In the scene which Claire Danes professes her love, the great use of yellow absolutely illuminates the moment.

I find that in fantasy movies that sometimes the acting can suffer. This is due in part to the fact that the actors don’t take the work very seriously. Well, I am happy to say that in this movie that never happens. Claire Danes, as the fallen star Evaine, plays her part with her dewy-eyed quality that really works for her part. When she glowed, I glowed right along with her. Michelle Pieffer was perfectly cast as the conniving witch out for the star’s heart. If you have ever seen “Witches of Eastwick” you know of her intensely beautiful nature that fits perfectly with the realm of magic. Then there is Robert DeNiro….what can I say? He plays a tough pirate (Shakespeakre) with a more feminine nature. He performs his comedy with such a sincerity, that he allows you to sit back and laugh. It is a difficult task to work on green screen, but all these professionals kept there focus and brought out a very beautiful movie.

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