How to Connect With Attendees in 6 Seconds or Less

So how do you make a good first impression that will connect with attendees and get them to spend the time to stop at your stand and talk to you?

Here are 4 Simple Steps to follow.

The 6 seconds that will form the attendees’ first impression start from the moment they see your stand.

1) Create a Visual Representation

Visuals are always noticed first, so you will need to find a strong visual representation of your business and the benefits you offer your customers.

Make sure it is big, bright & bold.


• Picture of someone using your product.

• A life-size image of a “typical” customer.

• A graphic representation of your service.

2) Choosing a Strong, Concise Message

Before you choose a message try to think about your product or service from your customer’s point of view.

• What problem do you solve for people?

• How do you solve it?

• Why is it important that they get that problem solved?

Now condense this information down into a simple message, try to keep to just one key message so that you don’t confuse attendees.

• What one question could you ask that would identify someone as a prospect?

• Is there a simple statement that people could identify with to figure out if they could use you?

• Perhaps it’s a statistic that would intrigue people enough to want them to ask more.

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