Strategies for Physician Recruiting

Recruiting                    and retaining physicians is a vital aspect of an    overall operational, and financial success. Physician vacancies inevitably articulate loss in revenue.

The following strategies for physician recruiting can be tailored to adapt to your individual healthcare setting.

1. Market your facility aggressively. Your company website is a tool that can be easily manipulated to exemplify physician recruitment initiatives. Physicians consistently use search engines to locate healthcare facilities that match the attributes that they view as most important. For example, if a physician  in laparoscopic surgery, he/she may enter a search term of “hospitals that provide laparoscopic surgery in Los Angeles, CA.” By   your website to include detailed information on the   in which you are recruiting physicians, your website will inevitably come up in relevant searches.

In   your website,   interactive methods of communication. Include virtual tours, video clips of interviews with current physicians that speak about their great experiences working at your facility. Include an area that lists all available physician vacancies. This cuts to the chase, and gives the physician an immediate opportunity to express interest in working at your hospital without the unnecessary step of calling a recruiter or staff member. Ideally, they will enter their information which is routed to a recruiter that will personally follow-up with a phone call, and provide an extensive overview of the opportunity.

2. Mail comprehensive information once interest is expressed. Once contact has been initiated, it is critical that the physician receive an all-inclusive overview of what your facility can offer him/her, what your city has to offer, what sets your hospital apart from competing facilities in the area, and relocation materials. If a physician receives a comprehensive overview of your facility, he/she can then make an educated decision as to his/her desire to work for you. This also conveys the perception that you are considering every aspect of the physician’s needs by providing more information than he expected.

3. Host him/her to a meaningful in-person visit. First impressions can make or break the recruitment of a physician. That being said, it is critical that the in-person visit be planned strategically. Once you have carefully planned the itinerary for the visit, compose an agenda for the day and convey it to him/her in advance. Make the visit unique. Allow key administrators to take part in the interview; each will provide a unique perspective of your facility.

Families are important, so make certain to offer information regarding opportunities that apply to spouses/children. Whether it be upcoming family events, committees that spouses serve on, child care facilities available to physicians, or the contact information for a spouse liaison that reaches out to spouses, and coordinates social functions amongst them.

Lastly, provide first-hand experiences from other physicians in his/her   that are on staff. This can be the most beneficial piece, because he/she will relate to the experiences and opinions that he/she provides, and can make an accurate comparative opinion based on that. Preparation is the key. Offer the most compelling outlook of your facility.



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