The Joker’s bank heist depends with the arrangement that the thieves working

The Joker’s bank heist depends with the arrangement that the thieves working with him are harsh, cocky and driven essentially by joker gaming eagerness; when offered adequate money, they’re willing to turn on each other for a segment of it. Had any of the plunderers discredited the Joker and wouldn’t butcher their companions, taking everything into account, the game plan would have fallen to pieces quickly. Clearly, the bandits don’t puzzle, in this way passing on the Clown Prince of Crime the outcome he’d been anticipating all along.

says he has been “looking forward” to this last a confrontation, by then hollers

“Stun!” as he takes the TV off his own head (the “existence estimated model” was

his “certified” body).41

Presently, the player-character is given a last reasonable: “Defeat Joker

before he obliterates Gotham.” The Joker says, “You would not really like to miss this.

Genuinely. It’ll be a blast.”42 As he puts the TV down on his seat, he begins an initiation, progressively backing directly out of the appearance domain (behind

glass where the player-character can’t get in touch with him). On “one,” the TV

explodes (“an effect”), and the player-character completes the Joker the

as of late made opening in the window, where Batman finds the Joker stopping.

When Batman says, “It’s done, Joker,” the Joker responds, “Over? It hasn’t

in fact, even began,” driving Batman to face a movement of enemies.43 Throughout the

fight and following its perfection, the Joker approvals Batman: “Charmingly done,

Bats! You merit a prize!”44 The “prize” is Commissioner· Gordon, whom the


Joker will implant with TITAN when Batman (in a cut-scene) intercedes

additionally, takes the dart himself. The Joker’s response is glad: “We will have

some incredible now kiddies!”45 After all, TITAN produces beast and frenzy,

the two things the Joker spent the game trying to execute. During this

struggle, the Joker uncovers his motivation to get Batman to scorn


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